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    Chaya is so easy to talk to, so real and so wise. She is like having a mom, sister and friend all rolled into one – without the baggage!
    — Anna M.

    Don’t wait for a crisis to work with Chaya! She is not just a life-preserver, but a life-enhancer, too! I was dealing with my own aging process, my mother’s dementia, and my husband’s colon cancer treatments. Chaya came into our lives at such a difficult time for me and my family, and I only wish we had brought her in sooner.
    — Patty R.

    Chaya Parkoff is a gem. As a therapist , coach and consultant, she combines grounded advice with basic truths. Her ability to work through the ups and downs of a chronic illness, and her deft touch winding through family dynamics, all combine to offer solid, practical, emotional and spiritual guidance to those in need. I treasure her sage wisdom.
    — Barb S.

    In eerily parallel fashion, our mothers declined physically and mentally at the exact same time last year. It was a very difficult period for us, but Chaya Parkoff’s thoughtfulness, advice and guidance were invaluable. She saw our needs and steered us toward the best solutions – while at the same time showing enormous empathy and kindness to our moms. We will always be grateful.
    — Harley and Sara