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  • Walk & Talk Therapy

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    Walk & Talk Therapy

    Nurture your mind, body and soul.

    Walk and Talk Therapy is a great way to share and process your thoughts and feelings while experiencing the benefits of being in nature. Instead of sitting across a room or in front of a screen, we can work through whatever is on your mind while giving you the movement that you crave. 

    Walking in nature shifts the chemicals in our bodies which lower stress and helps to reduce anxiety and depression. 

    We will decide on the setting (a park, trail or pleasant urban area), meet at the designated spot and begin our on-the-move session. After approximately 25 minutes we will pause for a few minutes in nature, and continue walking and talking until we return to our start point.

    Before leaving, we’ll arrange the where and when for our next session.

    Don’t forget sunscreen and water!